Transforming Communities with Energy

About us

Welcome to Mirabou Energy

We want the transition to renewable energy to help Australian communities and businesses to:

  • decarbonise
  • access cheaper, more reliable and cleaner energy
  • improve their economic outcomes. 

What we do

We work with communities and our partners to create renewable and low-emissions energy solutions.

Why Choose Us

Acting as a trusted energy partner.

We bring industry and commercial expertise to our projects.

Renewable energy generation

Renewable and Reliable Energy Solutions

We work collaboratively with communities and our partners in designing renewable, reliable and affordable energy solutions.
Office life. A man standing up working and making notes on a wall chart. Project management.

Project Development and Execution

With our technical and engineering partners, we usher potential opportunities from feasibility study to project development and execution.
Rear view of businesswoman working on computer and checking financial document.

Strategic, Financial and Commercial Expertise

We have extensive strategic, commercial, financial and regulatory experience in major, complex projects and in energy systems and markets.