Renewable and Reliable Energy Solutions

We work collaboratively with the communities and our partners in designing a renewable and reliable energy solution tailored to address the communities’ needs.

Where appropriate, the energy solution forms part of the broader essential services delivered to the community which may include waste, water and food security.

Project Development and Execution

With the support from our technical and engineering partners, we usher potential opportunities through the feasibility study,  project development and its execution.

We continuously seek for new and alternative ways to manage risks associated with project development and execution.

Indigenous Professional Development

In the heart of what we do is the interest of the local communities and its sustainability.   To us, this means the communities have vested interests on the outcomes of the projects. 

We do this by early engagement and working with the communities to uplift capabilities so that they can take ownership of the projects.

Finance and Commercial

Our team has extensive financial and commercial experience in major complex projects and the energy market.  We ensure projects pursued are financially viable and return a balanced return to the investors.

We adopt strategies such as off-takes to manage exposures to financial risk.

In progress

We are currently progressing a number of projects across Queensland and the Northern Territory including
alarge-scale Energy Park, distributed energy network and remote application of renewable energy solutions

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